Culture 1 - Etiquette and manners

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There are certain ways to behaviour in public in social and business situations. Respect and manners are intrigual parts of how people communicate with each other.

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Observe how people in your own country behave and interact with each other in different situations and settings.

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In OneNote keep a record of your information that you have collected.

Also create a Venn Diagram showing the similarities and differences in your culture- Australia and the culture you are studying.

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If you have a family friend, relative or neighbour that is from that culture speak to them about the information you have discovered and ask if they still follow those traditions and expectations even though they live in Australia.

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Usng the internet and You Tube and any other source. Research how people of your chosen country behave towards one another.

Need to find specific information about:

  • How to greet someone in their home
  • how to greet a friend you see in the street
  • how to approach a business meeting
  • how the elderly are treated
  • food etiquette
  • restaurant manners
  • festival etiquette, for example religious ceremonies
  • funeral etiquette
  • marriage and birth etiquette and practices

In your research you may come across other interesting or relevant information related to etiquette and manners from your country. Include this information in your record of learning.