Outline for Food Studies VCE Unit 1 and 2 Term 1

Reason For Learning

Australia has a varied and abundant food supply, and food and cooking have become prominent in digital media and publishing. Globally, many people do not have access to a secure and varied food supply and many Australians, amid a variety of influences, consume food and beverage products that may harm their health. This study examines the background to this abundance and explores reasons for our food choices. VCE Food Studies is designed to build the capacities of students to make informed food choices. Students develop their understanding of food while acquiring skills that enable them to take greater ownership of their food decisions and eating patterns. This study complements and supports further training and employment opportunities in the fields of home economics, food technology, food manufacturing and hospitality

Learning Intention

This study enables students to: develop as informed, discerning and capable food citizens build practical food skills in the planning, preparation, evaluation and enjoyment of food, including the principles and practices that ensure the safety of food apply principles of nutrition, food science and sensory evaluation to food planning and preparation extend understanding of food origins, cultures, customs and behaviours understand global and local systems of food production, distribution and governance develop awareness of a diverse range of influences on food choice research and discuss issues relating to economic, environmental and ethical dimensions of our food system analyze and draw evidence-based conclusions in response to food information, food advertising and current food trends

Key Vocabulary Terms

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