(ICTNWK302) - Determine and Action Network Problems

Reason For Learning

Training of Junior IT Support Rovers for the skills and knowledge required to document network related problems, determine solutions, or escalate problems to a new support level.

Learning Intention

The Intention of this unit is for Junior IT Support Rovers to learn how to determine and identify if a client has a problem (ICTSAS305: FLET-S-3-2), whether the problem is covered by policy (ICTSAS306: FLET-S-4-6), carry out maintenence on the problem (ICTSAS306: FLET-S-4-2), log any maintenance undertaken with a confirmed solution (ICTSAS306: FLET-S-4-2) Note: There is a strong interaction between the FLET-S-3 (ICTSAS305) and FLET-S-4 (ICTSAS306) Learning Bites. Any resources contained within this L/B shoud be combined with the 2 above learning bites for further understanding

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