(ICTICT203) - Operate Application Software Packages

Reason For Learning

Training Junior IT Support Rovers in operating 3 Commercial Software Packages, including Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013 and Microsoft Outlook 2013 for use within a Professional ICT Environment

Learning Intention

The Intention of learning within this unit is to teach learners how to Use appropriate OHS Office Work Practices, Use Appropriate word processing software, Use appropriate Spreadsheet Software and Use a third application Software package, mainly Outlook 2013 for use of replying to clients on the Service Desk Mailbox. The Critical Aspects of Learning include Producing Workplace Docs using 3 software apps, Opening and Amending and saving files in accordance to organization standards, Using Help Menus and Online Help and Using OHS Principles of ergonomics and work period breaks.

Key Vocabulary Terms

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