Unit 3 - Writing on Exploring Issues of Identity and Belonging ARCHIVE

Reason For Learning

For the SAC in Unit 3 and the SAC in Unit 4 and for the exam, you are required to write about the issues you have explored in the texts you have read. Your writing can be in different forms, for example, essays, personal letters, letters to the editor, dialogues, diaries, memoirs, speeches, etc. You can write in expository or persuasive style and, with permission, imaginative style. You will need to discuss with and explain to the teacher your reasons for choosing the topics, forms and styles of your writing.

Learning Intention

On completion of this learning bite, you will understand the structures and features of the types of writing required for the SACs and for the exam. You will also understand how you can smoothly bring in the name of texts into your writing. You will understand the criteria for the SACs.

Key Vocabulary Terms

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