Unit 1 - Holiday Homework

Reason For Learning

Hi everyone, it is important that you keep up with your English learning over the holiday. This means doing some reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary building every day. You will have a test in the first week of Term One about tone words. You need to know many different tone words so you can write about persuasive texts. The tone of a text (piece of writing) is the feeling of the text (eg humorous, serious, authoritative). Try to imagine how the words would sound if the writer was speaking to you. Sometimes the tone changes during a piece of writing. When you are analysing a persuasive text (piece of writing) you will need to describe the tone or tones that the writer uses to try to persuade the readers. Click on Resources to find a document listing many tone words.

Learning Intention

By the end of this learning bite, you will know the meaning of many positive, negative and neutral tone words. You will know how to say and spell these words and will be confident to use them in your own writing.

Key Vocabulary Terms

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