Unit 3 - Holiday Homework

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Preparing for Units 3 and 4 EAL at Templestowe College in 2015



Dear Students


You will soon begin Unit 3 and 4 EAL – congratulations! The course begins now! Units 3 and 4 EAL will probably be the most difficult subject most of you will do. You need to be fully aware of all the requirements. Time management is very important in Units 3 and 4 as you will have many important assessments in all your subjects – often in the same week.


You are expected to read ‘This Boy’s Life’ by Tobias Woolf over the holiday and to make notes to help you understand the story, characters, setting and themes. This is a new text for us so this year’s students do not have the book. Therefore you must buy it as soon as you can.


You will also study a film, ‘All About Eve’. You are encouraged to watch this on DVD over the holidays. There are notes about this film on the EAL Unit 3 and 4 website.


You must also buy the play ‘The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll’ by Ray Lawler. You can negotiate with this year’s students to buy this book or you may buy it new. It costs about $10 new.


Please skim through and become familiar with both the Green Book and the Blue Book. You will use these books in Units 3 and 4 frequently. The Green Book is called ‘ESL English for Year 12 – Student Workbook’ and it is written by Melanie Napthine and Michael Daniel. The Blue Book is called ‘ESL Examination Language Task’ and it is written by Robert McGregor. Most of you have these books. You can buy the Green Book from good bookstores but the Blue Book is no longer published and the school will give you a copy.


Grammar is now largely your responsibility. Your writing will be corrected and errors highlighted but you will be responsible for following up on your grammar weaknesses by referring to a grammar book such as Murphy or to good grammar websites.


At the start of 2015, you will receive a course outline which shows what we will be doing week by week. This course outline will also show the dates of assessments. Assessments include one oral presentation, two text response essays and other written pieces. You will also receive a summary of the Study Guide for Units 3 and 4 EAL. You must also visit the VCAA website and become familiar with past exams.


Students are encouraged to read through as many of the documents under the various sub-headings in the Sharepoint EAL Unit 3 and 4 website for 2015.  It is also useful to look through the relevant sections of the 2014 website.  Please don't waste time reading the documents for 'A Christmas Carol' as this text will not be studied in 2015.

Some relevant documents about 'All About Eve' are found in the section below called Stretch Activities.


Next year, attendance and adherence to assessment rules and deadlines are important. Assessment rules include:


  • A student must ensure that all unacknowledged work submitted for assessment is genuinely his/her own.
  • A student must not receive undue assistance from another person in the preparation and submission for work.


Good luck.



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